About MedGrill Cafe, Formely Asteroids

MedGrill Cafe is an Authentic Mediterranean food with Middle Easten & Maghreean touche. MedGrill Cafe menu is inspired by Turkish, Great Maghreb, Greek and Lebanese cuisines. Our most popula dihes are Chicken Shawarma, Shawarma, Falafel, Shish Kabob, Gyro, Shish Taouk, Hummus, Baba Ghanouj, Dolmas, Baklava. MedGill Cafe ultimate goal is to provide You and Your beloved one with the Freshest product. MedGrill Cafe products are unique. We Cooke your food Fresh when you place your order. Daily we make the Pita dough fresh at our restaurant. We bake the Pita bread fresh, just for You. We use the finest ingredients to marinated our secret mystic food. Whether you're hosting a corporation event, family dinner or a romantic dinner for two, your options with MedGrill Cafe are endless with your Authentic Mediterranean and Fresh selections.

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[MedGrill Cafe] Shelter in the storm, By Jeffrey Frances, Rockville

Washington Post, January 31, 2011

Last Wednesday evening, after exercising at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington, I tried to drive the four miles home to Aspen Hill. Traffic was snarled, and I found myself sandwiched between cars on Rocking Horse Lane in Rockville. The residents had come out to help to push stuck cars up over the hills. Here I was in my little Honda Civic wearing gym shorts. After about an hour, the quart of water I had consumed began to create some discomfort. I want to acknowledge the kindness of a Rocking Horse Lane homeowner who allowed a guy wearing shorts and a sweatshirt to come inside and use the bathroom. It must have seemed strange. After giving up on getting to Randolph Road, I ended up at Randolph Hills Shopping Plaza, where I took refuge at Pizza Leo’s/Asteroids. Of five customers, I was the only one not buying food, because I eat only kosher. But the owner, Mohamed, and his brother, Lotfi, were warm and welcoming to all of us. We shared stories, charged our cellphones and drank excellent jasmine tea. By 11 p.m., plows were visible on the street. One member of our group, who had hoped to get home to Owings Mill to see his baby girl, never did see the promised tow truck, but Mohamed offered him a ride to a hotel. The rest of us went our separate ways. If not for the owners of this small restaurant, we would have been in a real bind. They remained open late and extended kindness not only to customers who bought food but to at least one person who could not eat due to religious dietary restrictions and bought only an iced tea. I left with the comment that Pizza Leo’s/Asteroids was “the best restaurant I never ate at.” The next day, when I went shopping at the grocery store in the plaza (KosherMart), I stopped in to shake Mohamed’s hand and show my 8-year-old daughter this excellent example of a place where they know how to show kindness to others.